about us

Henan torch burning Trading Company was founded in 2007, the main methanol stoves, methanol stoves, green oil stoves, alcohol-based fuel stoves, methanol fuel stoves, kitchen fuel stoves, alcohol-based stoves, methanol fuel technology, bio-alcohol technology, methanol Fuel cooker, bio-alcohol oil stove, alcohol oil stove, adhering to the "quality comes first, customer satisfaction continues to improve," the quality of business ideas, has now developed into Henan Province in Henan Province larger scale fuel production, warehousing, and stoves production base . Our company acquired more than 20 acres of land in 2014, and pre-built 5,000 square feet of standard workshops and 2000 cubic meters of warehousing. Now we have advanced CNC, hydraulic shears, hydraulic bending machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines and various welding machines equipment.

Development process


Henan Torch Burning was founded in 2007, the early days of a three-team fight the world, by virtue of integrity management, superb technology, improve after-sale sales and gradually grow and develop. The main production, research and development, sales of kitchen fuel, boiler-based fuel, and then create 3000000 output value, with a stable long-term cooperation of customer resources, for the latter part of the large-scale expansion laid a good foundation.

year 2010

Company management is on track, and participate in more key projects inside and outside the province, and double the output value. In that year, all profits were invested in the introduction of hardware and software facilities and equipment. The company's R & D technology and hardware facilities reached a qualitative leap, and hired five senior chief engineer, technical director of two people, the main research and development of new environmentally friendly fuel cooker. And a large number of investment in production and sales, customers get a good reputation, long-term and steady cooperation with customers gradually increase.

Year 2014

Six years of foundation for the steady development of enterprises, make persistent efforts to expand production scale, fuel rush expanded to 2000 cubic meters, 1000 square stove shop, now has CNC, hydraulic shears, hydraulic bending machine, laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine and A variety of advanced welding equipment. Stable and rapid development of enterprises.

2017 year

We have to carry out the kitchen fuel, boiler fuel, cooking stoves, production sites to 4,000 square feet, production and sales network in major cities nationwide, additional agents and improve the after-sales team throughout the country, the future we will continue to train hard, the strict Quality, stronger and bigger, and strive to become the leading domestic fuel cooker!


Henan torch burning Trading Company specializing in kitchen fuel stoves, alcohol oil stoves, methanol fuel stoves, bio-oil stove and bio-oil alcohol stove production and sales, please contact us: 0373-7111107