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River Nan Xi Burning in 2007, is a professional manufacturer of kitchen fuel, methanol cooker, bio-alcohol oil stove, methanol stove and kitchen stoves entity enterprises, the company adhering to the "Quality first, customer satisfaction continuous improvement" of the quality management concept, has been developed into Henan Province, north of the larger scale of fuel production, warehousing, and stoves production base. My company in 2014 to land more than 20 acres, the construction of standardized plant 5000 square, and 2000 cubic storage, now has CNC, hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic bending machine, laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine and a variety of advanced equipment welding.

Companies in strict accordance with iso9001-2000 international standards of physical operation, has a complete, scientific and effective quality assurance system, the formation of scientific, large-scale, standardized management system, in the continuous improvement of enterprise modernization management at the same time, always maintain a high independent research and development and design capabilities. By my company production and research and development of alcohol ether clean fuel, it to high fever value, Low-cost, 0 pollution, by users, and my company independent research and development of the production of maintenance-free silencer furnace and disassembly, easy to clean furnace core, in the stove industry ahead.

My company to rigorous, realistic, innovative, zhi-yuan attitude for the enterprise, with excellent quality, preferential prices, excellent service for the distribution of the road, dedicated to providing our customers with high efficiency, high-quality and all-round services.

River Nan Xi burning willing to work with all walks of life with lofty ideals to join hands, create brilliance.

Product Introduction:

Alcohol ether clean fuel, this product takes the oxygen organic compound alcohols as the base material, with the high calorific value auxiliary material and the effective performance modifier, will the national standard gb16663-1996 "the alcohol base liquid fuel" expands from 4000 kcal/kg calorific value to 8500 kcal/kg, not only suits the catering industry to be able to replace the diesel oil, the coal The application of natural gas to industrial boilers, kiln furnace field. The technology has reached the leading domestic level.

Alcohol ether Clean Fuel ⅰ number (kitchen dedicated) Comparison table

Item Accounts

Product Name




Fuel gas emissions

Co2 mg/³ So2 mg/³ NOX mg/³ Smokemg/³



Easy to leak



















Alcohol ether Fuel



Company Products:

First, alcohol based fuel, bio-ethanol oil, methanol fuel, environmental protection oil, alcohol ether clean fuel, (5000-8500 kcal, more than 1300 ℃), and long-term low-cost sales: refined methanol, crude methanol.

Second, the factory direct sales high, medium and low-grade fuel energy-saving cooker,FanDouble Fried Double temperatureDouble Fry single temperatureSingle Fried single temperatureOne-button operation Gasifier, Big cookstoves, pot boy stove,Low Soup Stove, steaming tank,No fan gasification FurnaceNo fan gasificationFire StoveNoNeed to preheat the civilian stoveand a variety of stove, stove accessories suitable for restaurants, restaurants, size stalls and home use.

Third, the agency sells a variety of brand burning machine: Sweden/Qualcomm, Germany/Wissota, Italy/Liaro, Domestic/Baxter, Wei WorldCom and other accessories complete. Responsible for installation, commissioning, maintenance, modification. Suitable for: boilers, industrial furnaces, incinerators, drying equipment, drying equipment, paint equipment, bathrooms, guesthouses, factory canteens and other enterprises rice, bathing, heating and so on.

Market Prospects:

With the increasing scarcity of non-renewable energy and the serious problem of air pollution, it has aroused the universal concern of the world, the development of green environmental protection, recycling of new energy is the fundamental solution to the problem. Since the enactment of the Renewable Energy Law, the Government has promulgated a series of preferential policies and regulations, in order to promote the development of new energies, inject impetus, accelerate the investment and construction of new energy in our country.

The State Department of Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Renewable Energy Association, CIC Consultancy Industry Research Center, jointly released the "2014-2018 China Energy industry Investment Analysis and Prospect Forecast report" focused on solar, wind, geothermal energy, biomass market development, business analysis, Investment potential and future market analysis, combined with the "125" energy-saving emission reduction, Low-carbon life spirit, "alcohol ether clean fuel" it to low-cost, high calorific value, 0 pollution will become China's new energy key development goals and investment projects.