Pot Boy Stove

Pot Boy Stove

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  • Product Name: Clay Pot Stove

    Advantage Analysis:

    Clay Pot furnace is based on the original to further improve the combustion effect of fuel, the traditional furnace head when burning refractory bricks can not be fully vaporized alcohol base, but even the entire furnace body is not cast iron, really durable, can be full of alcohol vaporization, complete combustion, the more fierce when the more concentrated, so from the reduction of fuel consumption, reduce costs.

    Pot Tsai Furnace operation is simple, burning calorific value high, firepower fierce, save oil, fire-resistant, easy maintenance, maintenance is only a 3 minutes, a good product stove, promote fast, will bring different economic benefits to distributors. The pot oven is heated and then returned to the combustion chamber and ignited by an open flame. The fuel itself has provoked a 70-degree high temperature in the case of open fire can be rapidly burst combustion and burning more urgent more fully, so that no longer produce spicy eyes or pungent odor, there will be no oil splashing fuel inadequate phenomenon occurs, fuel efficiency is higher. The chef opened a very small control valve can be satisfied with the high temperature so as to achieve energy-saving purposes, fuel pot furnace head material is cast steel Seiko cost higher than cast iron gasification furnace head.