Kitchen fuel technology

Kitchen fuel technology

Henan torch burning Trading Company to provide customers with kitchen fuel technology distribution, supply, price, wholesale, quotes, manufacturers, the products are sold in Anhui, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other regions.

  • What are the advantages of kitchen fuel:

    1, a wide range of raw materials, low cost price. The configuration of fuel raw materials methanol around chemical plants;

    2, Fertilizer plants and chemical city have sales, you can go to the nearest local procurement and processing sales, the use of emulsifiers provided by the Secretary of the new bio-alcohol oil, high calorific value, low cost, great use of space;

    3, clean, green. The high oxygen content of the fuel, full combustion, no smoke, no carbon deposition, no black bottom, no residual residue, after burning combustion emissions is much lower than the liquefied petroleum gas, is a veritable clean fuel;

    4, safe and reliable, using a wide range of can be stored, transported and used at room temperature and pressure, will not lead to poisoning incidents due to leakage;

    5, bio-alcohol fuel is widely used, and diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas side by side, is widely used in hotels, guesthouses, schools, agencies and other large enterprises and unit groups except hearth and ordinary hearth different basic All the same, easy to install and use.