Methanol fuel stove is a new type of development trend
- 2017-11-15-

Methanol stoves used by the fuel, is a new type of development trend. No fan home stove for 3-5 individuals to use the family, very convenient, fast, fierce fire, but less fuel per hour, cooking efficiency.

Methanol stove is based on the original home-based alcohol stove, combined with the feedback of customers, the demand, through continuous research and development departments and efforts, as well as our efforts to produce tests to determine is also available.

Methanol stove with stainless steel, the principle of design is more scientific and rational, more fierce fire, energy saving effect is very good.

Methanol stove fuel under the relevant state support policies, there is a huge wealth prospects, competition is also very fierce. In this proposal you industry people please recognize the current crisis, to ensure the quality of their products, so that other products have an opportunity. To jointly maintain the prosperous development of methanol fuel industry and the wealth market, and strive for better quality and reputation of bio-alcohol oil!

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