Alcohol-based fuel cookers have the performance characteristics
- 2017-11-15-

Alcohol-based fuel stove is now a major trend in the energy industry, alcohol-based fuel stove is clean and sanitary clean energy equipment, in the combustion process of water and carbon dioxide and water will not cause any pollution, in the course of the use of just Need to pay attention to ventilation, if the combustion is not sufficient will produce carbon monoxide, and this substance will cause human poisoning, compared to the more common liquefied petroleum gas, alcohol-based more environmentally friendly and cheaper new energy sources, energy saving while alcohol Fuel stoves can achieve a win-win economic and environmental benefits.

Alcohol-based fuel stove use:

Non-toxic, odorless, non-black pot bottom, exquisite appearance, high calorific value, high quality accessories, easy to explode, encounter the use of food, you can use water to extinguish alcohol- Fuel cooker more dominant because of alcohol-based fuel stove to solve the safety and appearance of liquefied gas to solve the lack of calorific value and sound problems. And alcohol-based cooking stoves low cost.

Alcohol-based fuel cookers are considered a cleaner type of energy for the environment, however, it also needs to ensure the safe use of liquefied gas and alcohol-based fuels, in fact, because it is cheaper and more economical than electricity or other fuels Energy saving, but also very environmentally friendly.