Detailed description of the function of fuel cooker
- 2017-11-15-

Accurately, the fuel cooker is a use of methanol as raw material, is widely used in small and medium restaurants, roadside shops, fast food shops, food stalls and so on. With less materials, ≤ 2.5KG per hour, fierce fire, the fire is far higher than the liquefied gas, the advantages of Meng stove, the majority of diet owners preferred stove.

Fuel gas stove heat stabilizer configuration of a new type of methanol fuel, calorific value can be as high as 1300 calories, the liquefied petroleum gas calorific value quite, become only about one-third of the wholesale price of liquefied gas or diesel, the profit margin.

Fuel cooker alternative liquefied gas for every household, or alternative fuel diesel for hotels, schools, hotels, offices and other units of the kitchen, directly replace the existing gas stove, diesel stove, pots. Eliminating the need to change the burner, pipes and other cumbersome work, the installation is very convenient.

Fuel cookers have the advantages of being clean, environmentally friendly and renewable. They are of great significance to the development of energy conservation and emission reduction, energy structure adjustment and the sustainable, healthy economic development of our country.

Methanol fuel used in fuel cookers is stored, transported and used at ambient temperature and pressure without the need for high-pressure cylinders. It can be sealed and stored in ordinary iron drums or plastic buckets, and is easy to use. In case of fire, water can be extinguished, will not cause the risk of explosion, it will not lead to gas poisoning caused by leaks.