Kitchen fuel stove safe and pollution-free use
- 2017-11-15-

At present, people are more aware of environmental protection and their kitchen facilities are gradually being improved. In the past, gas stoves that were used in the past were inevitably in danger of explosion, such as improper operation or incorrect closing. The phenomenon of the use of kitchen fuel stove, effectively reduce the risk of accidents.

Kitchen fuel stove easy to use, safe. There is no limitation when using it, and the fuel is stored, transported and used under normal temperature and pressure without the need of high-pressure cylinder and sealed with ordinary iron drum or plastic bucket. The operation is very convenient. If the fire is unlucky, You can easily extinguish the fire, will not cause an explosion, it will not result in accidents caused by leakage.

Methanol fuel used in kitchen fuel cooker can be referred to diesel, liquefied gas, natural gas, which is very suitable for hotels, hotels, offices and other large enterprises and power addition to the stove and ordinary stove core is not the same, the other is the same Therefore, the kitchen, canteen, the use of cooking oil or gas stoves only need to change the stove can be used, the device is very easy to use.

The fuel used in the kitchen fuel cooker is clean and hygienic. The high oxygen content of the fuel, full combustion, no smoke, no carbon deposition, no black bottom, no residual residue, after burning combustion emissions is much lower than the liquefied petroleum gas, is a veritable clean fuel.

Use of kitchen fuel stove, economic and environmental protection, safety and pollution-free, much like consumers.