Bio-alcohol technology Fuel energy saving and environmental protection effectively replace traditional energy sources
- 2017-11-15-

Bio-alcohol stove is the next diesel fuels, liquefied petroleum gas stove by an extension of the product, which has a diesel, liquefied petroleum gas energy-saving stove original function, the use of environmentally friendly, clean and efficient alcohol-based fuel as a fuel, with special Alcohol fuel efficient furnace, the alcohol oil completely, full combustion, high heat conversion efficiency, the exhaust gas water and carbon dioxide. Methanol has a smoke-free stove, no residue, raffinate, not black bottom.

Bio-alcohol stove uses a new copper glass valve, precise oil control, are widely used in large and medium-sized restaurants, food stalls, hotels, guest houses and other users.

Bio-alcohol stove high cost-effective, clean, green, so much around the restaurant, hotel respected. Because the main material for producing bio-based alcohol-based fuels is alcohol, there are many large-scale domestic enterprises specialized in the production of alcoholic substances, which are sufficient materials, low prices and easy to popularize.

Bio-alcohol stove for ordinary residents, senior, ordinary restaurants are enjoying high energy value of fuel-saving energy-saving experience, a useful reduction of kitchen burning costs, for the benefit of all.

Bio-alcohol oil as a fuel, not only firepower, and energy saving, non-toxic, no raffinate, no smoke, no harmful emissions, no scale, can replace natural gas to use, and bio-alcohol oil cooker is specifically for this fuel Special equipment products.

The above is the bio-alcohol oil technology for everyone to bring all the content, and I hope to be helpful to everyone.