Analysis of excellent characteristics of bio-alcohol oil stove
- 2017-11-22-

Bio-alcohol oil high efficiency and high environmental value of heating, has a high market value, since listing, in various aspects of the fuel energy market in Korea has an excellent market position. Bio-alcohol oil technology is the industry that energetically supports new energy sources in the home. The sustainable development in industrial production is also getting more and more attention from investors.

Although bio-alcohol stove has played a crucial role in the market, after all, the new energy products, technologies and product traits are still lack of relevant promotion and understanding in society. This requires the product enterprises to explain and promote the project.

Bio-alcohol stove fully combustion, no smoke, no carbon deposition, no black bottom, no residual residue, with good environmental characteristics, its good stability, non-corrosive, at room temperature and pressure storage, transport and easy to use Simple, without high-pressure cylinder, bio-alcohol oil with ordinary CRC or plastic bucket can be sealed. If the fire, bio-alcohol oil water can be extinguished, will not trigger the danger of explosion, will not lead to poisoning caused by leakage, its wide range of uses, can replace diesel, liquefied gas, for hotels, schools, hotels, offices, etc. Large-scale enterprises and units of the stove, with the rapid development of the city's catering industry, people continue to pay attention to environmental health, national environmental policy mandatory requirements, the inevitable trend of rising crude oil in the future, people rely on one-time consumption is hurt, Huge market demand, choose to invest in biological alcohol oil project, conform to the theme of energy saving, harmonious development.

Bio-alcohol stove using new energy sources, long-term development.