The future development trend of alcohol oil cooker
- 2017-11-15-

When it comes to energy saving and environmental protection, we usually think of natural gas, bio-alcohol fuel and so on. The wide application of natural gas will not be mentioned for the moment. In recent years, the oil-cooker has also been widely used. To a certain extent, Also contributed to the development of alcohol oil stoves and bio-alcohol fuel oil Road Bureau and other industries.

While all countries in the world are vigorously developing fuels for cooking oil-alcohol stoves, we also need to analyze them macroscopically. Nowadays are the era of petroleum energy crisis. The direct consequence of the oil crisis is the price increase of liquefied petroleum gas and the decline of resources. Because of the high cost of fuel gas and natural gas pipelines, it can not provide a wide range of supply. This will inevitably lead to the development of new energy sources such as alcohol, oil and fuel.

Alcohol oil stove with a compact design and stability of the material used more environmentally friendly environmental protection, which uses raw materials are derived from the life of a variety of materials for processing production, cooking oil alcohol installation is very easy to use. Fuel used in alcohol cooking stoves clean, protect the environment. Environmental protection, energy saving, fierce fire, non-toxic, smoke-free, in line with national environmental standards.

Alcohol oil cooker is widely used in the kitchen, using a unique structural design, full combustion, fierce fire, so pure fire, no flying oil point phenomenon, no smoked eye phenomenon, do not smoke the pot, you can long-term use.