Alcohol-based cooking appliances with its high energy efficiency and low pollution characteristics of the popular
- 2017-12-19-

Alcohol-based cooker with high energy efficiency and low pollution characteristics, along with the improvement of living standards, coal, fuel, gas prices continue to progress is an inevitable trend in society.

The precision of global power capital has led to the soaring quotations of industrial-grade fuels such as fuel oil and gas, which directly affect the daily production of workers and peasants and everyone's daily life. Carrying out the new impetus and making efforts to practice the diversification of the power distribution has now become the impetus for the development of the impetus and the development and application of new impetus to the general trend of the times. From this we can see that with the development of society, fuel oil will surely be eliminated as a burning oil. On the other hand With the global momentum of increasing living room, gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other quotes will certainly remain high for a long time, therefore, the development of cheap, clean fuel, instead of the traditional burning fuel, to improve the power layout, has become a must trend! As alcohol-based fuel, a new power fuel carrier alcohol-based fuel stove will certainly receive more and more users.

High temperature encountered in the fire can quickly ignite the alcohol-based fuel itself has a very superior performance, when combined with alcohol-based fuel burner when the heat of combustion of its products is self-evident. And when the product is in use, it will not produce spicy eyes or pungent smell, and there will be no fuel oil base oil combustion is not sufficient and so on.