Common sense for safe use of methanol stoves
- 2017-12-29-

Methanol stoves used in the material is mainly environmentally friendly materials, the following we say the safe use of methanol stoves common sense:

1, the factory: Methanol stoves should be attached to the factory before the "Safety Technical specification requirements of the design documents, product quality certification, safety and use of maintenance instructions, supervision and inspection certification";

2, Operation: engaged in methanol stove operation must be qualified by training, access to characteristics of personnel operations, the use of the time, must strictly observe the operating procedures and eight systems, six records;

3, installation: engaged in the installation of alcohol-based fuel stoves, maintenance, transformation units shall obtain the provincial quality and technical supervision methods of special equipment installation and Maintenance qualification certificate, can be engaged in the installation of boilers, maintenance, transformation;

4, testing: Methanol stoves to carry out a regular annual inspection, without the safety of regular inspection and the boiler shall not be used, the safety of the boiler Annex Valve every twist has a methanol stove, alcohol base stoves, alcohol-based fuel stoves, affordable, quality assurance.

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