What are the main materials used in methanol stoves?
- 2018-01-09-

  Methanol stoveThe main raw material used is crude methanol, methanol fuel is a hot spot in the development of fuel, the popularization of this technology has aroused the attention of relevant departments, but there are many problems in the development of methanol fuel cooker in our country, for example, the fuel formulation is complex, there is no uniform standard, the fuel is heavily watered and some harmful substances.

At present, methanol stoves use three kinds of fuel:

1, alcohol water-based Fuel: fuel contains more than 20% of the water, methanol fuel itself with low calorific value, in addition to water, so that the calorific value of the fuel is lower, many alcohol water fuel units claimed that the water added to alcohol, and then add a certain catalyst to the water decomposition, resulting in hydrogen to increase calorific value. This is an erroneous concept that violates scientific principles, so far, we have seen alcohol-water fuel, the use of the effect is very poor, calorific value at all can not reach the "alcohol base civilian fuel" industry standards of technical requirements, and the use of this alcohol-water fuel cooker gasification effect is not good, and the structure of the cooker complex design. We don't think this kind of fuel can be popularized;

2, alcohol hydrocarbon fuel: this fuel mainly for crude methanol and 10% of hydrocarbon substances to improve the calorific value of fuel. Due to the addition of hydrocarbon substances, the alcohol base fuel storage and use is easy to produce delamination, the appropriate addition of solvent to the alcohol-based fuel and hydrocarbon mixed evenly without delamination. At present this kind of fuel uses more, but the promotion of this kind of fuel must control the fuel formula, preferably not more than 3 yuan (excluding water) composition of the fuel formula, namely methanol--help solvent--hydrocarbon. Harmful organic chemistry products are prohibited to be added as additives, which complicates the formulation. At the same time, it is best to control water content not exceeding 10%, hydrocarbon content should be suitable with cooker;

3, alcohol ether-type fuel: alcohol ether fuel technology is mainly by the Ministry of Chemical Industry Southwest Institute of Chemical Development, this fuel is characterized by the majority of dimethyl ether dissolved in methanol and water, while the dimethyl ether in the cylinder to produce raw materials to supply the pressure required, so that the existing alcohol-water, alcohol-hydrocarbon fuel in the ignition process need to preheat and pressure outside the process is a promising fuel. However, because of the high cost of dimethyl ether, storage difficulties, and the fuel contains more water, so that the matching cooker fuel difficulties, it is difficult to promote. We think that alcohol based fuel should promote the second type of alcohol-hydrocarbon fuel and promote the lower alcohol-ether fuel with the improvement of people's living standard.