Sales characteristics of alcohol oil cooker stove head
- 2018-01-25-

Alcohol oil cooker to maintain, maintain a good state, before use to pay attention to the circuit, the mailbox is dripping phenomenon, if found, to deal with in a timely manner.

Selection of food grade stainless steel material, product performance more stable, with excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, clean sanitation, save space. Adopt the monolithic design, therefore has the better sealing nature, may save the energy effectively, shortens the steaming time. Alcohol oil cooker Fuel clean environmental protection, safe and energy-saving, smokeless tasteless, no waste emissions. It has been proved by experiments that the utilization rate of thermal energy reaches95%.

Alcohol oil stove head sales characteristics are generally free to customers to install the stove head, this produces the alcohol oil cooker dealers purchase alcohol oil cooker stove head as long as the cheaper the better, but the cheap stove head burning calorific value is more low consumption of oil, so that customers do not realize to save money, easy to use, but regret.

Vicious competition, high purity of alcohol based fuel is good, but the relative cost is also high, the market is difficult to sell, customers can not feel compared to the liquefied gas and the use of alcohol based fuel as a result of liquefied gas. On the contrary cheap alcohol base fuel good promotion, but cheap alcohol base fuel certainly cost is also low, the purity is not high that calorific value is low, stir fry the speed is slow serve to keep up with. Customers will be resistant to alcohol based fuel.

So everyone in the choice of alcohol oil cooker, we should pay attention to choose, choose high-quality products are our common aspiration.