Advantages of environmental protection oil cooker
- 2018-02-24-

  Environmental protection and cookeris a new research and development of an environmental protection cooker, in addition to environmental pollution-free, there are many other advantages, the following we and you briefly introduced.

1, use environmental protection oil cooker environmental protection and save money:

The use of environmentally friendly oil cooker cooking, the price is very cheap and generally compared to the use of liquefied gas will save 15%, than the use of diesel more economical;

2, more secure:

The use of environmentally friendly oil, in the winter time will not freeze, will not solidify, in the burning time no night, no residual liquid can be completely burned, at the same time leakage so that the liquid, very easy to evaporate, its ignition point is relatively high, after the fire is easy to be water, not prone to accidents

3, the transformation of environmentally friendly oil cooker more convenient and quick:

Cooker renovation construction can be done after work in the kitchen, the next morning can be completed, the chef can be used to change the resulting bio-alcohol oil cooker, completely do not affect the normal business hotel.

4, the provision of turnover dyes and free maintenance:

For free maintenance of environmental protection oil cooker, solve your worries, save the trouble of finding someone to repair and repair, but also save the hotel's expenses.

The above is the use of environmental protection oil cooker advantage, want to know more details in the information, welcome to inquire.