Specific steps for the use of alcohol based cooking appliances
- 2018-03-09-

  Alcohol Base Cookeris a new type of energy-saving fuel cooker, let's say its specific use steps:

1, the flat gas tank and the Furnace head butt screw;

2. Expand the folded bracket. Assembly completed;

3, slightly open the stove head on the Open knob, press the electronic ignition button will fire point. After preheating, open the control switch to the desired position. (Note: When ignition, if the gas rise will be strong airflow to the point not to fire);

4, put a good pot after the wind-resistant plate, the thermal efficiency is improved.

5, after the use of off fire, to the furnace head after cooling and then twist it down, CAMP-3 furnace head and flat cans together to avoid burns.

The stove head of the alcohol base cooker is widely used, with the fuel consumption rising, the firepower is much higher than the liquefied gas, the use is more economical, safe and environmental protection.

The fuel effect of alcohol base is further improved by the core of alcohol based cooker in the traditional separate furnace. Traditional burner fire refractory bricks can not fully vaporization of alcohol base, and the whole furnace body is cast iron, really durable, can be fully vaporized alcohol, complete combustion, firepower more concentrated, so as to reduce fuel consumption, reduce costs.

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