Cause analysis of flame instability in kitchen fuel cooker
- 2018-03-22-

The kitchen fuel cooker is mainly based on the chemical position of alcohols, which is a kind of fuel in the form of liquid.

On the market, alcohol based fuel is mainly used as the main raw material of methanol configuration, because the source of methanol is more extensive, and methanol combustion reaction to generate H2O and CO2, so more energy saving and environmental protection. Kitchen Fuel cooker fuel is a kind of environment-friendly renewable energy fuel, which is a new kind of power which is produced by chemical reaction, which is the main raw material of ethanol.

Kitchen Fuel cooker In the use of the process will appear flame instability, alcohol-based fuel burning, fire suddenly small very unstable, spray oil splashing oil, this situation is a lot of problems, not a single problem produced by this result, below we gradually exclude:

1, the wind oil does not match: The hand control cooker actual use, the throttle control fuel injection quantity, the throttle control enters the air volume, needs the wind oil match. There may be wind lard small may wind small oil big, this oneself slowly groping repeatedly test, practice makes perfect, this is not who immediately can help you solve the problem;

2, fuel preparation dissolved uneven: Many friends in the preparation of fuel always add some water, add water to reduce costs this is understandable, but according to the formula operation, control the increase in water, can not blindly add, because the methanol and water hundred percent dissolution requires professional deployment, at the same time the formula is also caused by the main reason for the instability of firepower;

3, pipe jam or valve plug: There are many oil and gas pipelines on the cooker, pipe routine use maintenance improper, pipe congestion will result in flow into the volume of wind and small, which caused the sudden and small firepower, flame instability;

4, oil barrel placement height is not suitable: many restaurants, for ease of use, will put the oil storage barrels on the wall, in fact, the installation height of barrels will also affect the stability of the flame and the use of experience. If the oil barrels placed in the height is not enough, the temperature of the stove in the heart will lead to poor flow, more than a few calls, so the flames are suddenly small;

5, fan speed is uneven: fan as a cooker stove into the wind control equipment, the size of the air volume control also has a very big impact on the flame, and some fans because of improper use inside the fuel or the use of too long, will appear uneven speed, will result in air volume changes, wind suddenly large and small, So the burning of the alcohol-based fuel is suddenly small.

After the alternative energy has become the energy development direction in the later era, the kitchen fuel cooker gradually appears in the public view, with its environmental safety advantages, quickly become the hot spot of alternative energy, at ambient temperature and pressure storage, transport, use, without high-pressure cylinder storage, only ordinary metal or plastic containers can be stored.