Specific operation steps of kitchen fuel cooker
- 2018-03-15-

Pay attention to related safety issues, so how should summer use kitchen fuel cooker?

According to relevant information, the current national large and medium-sized cities and more than 70% users are using liquefied petroleum gas, the vast number of rural users have more and more people in the use of bottled liquefied gas, energy consumption market has a huge customer base and development prospects. So in such a good situation as consumers should pay more attention to the relevant fuel and kitchen equipment, the safety of the use of the problem.

Kitchen Fuel Cooker As a new energy source methanol fuel combustion carrier, will inevitably more into the user's home, kitchen fuel cooker with energy efficiency, low pollution characteristics, along with the improvement of people's living standards, fuel, coal, gas prices are also constantly improving is the inevitable trend of social development.

Kitchen fuel cooker before ignition, turn on the fuel switch, check for the occurrence of leakage phenomenon, ignite the ignition rods in the open burner switch fuel into the fuel discouraged start to ignite, but the fuel inflow should not be too much. A small amount of wind, less fuel, burning 30 seconds to a minute gradually add wind and liquid, to achieve no splash liquid, the flames smooth. Add liquid and wind to match, fire small should be adjusted according to the needs of the fire, so as to save fuel.

After the fire, must close the fuel tank, burner switch, turn off the fan, power switch considerations:

1, the fuel storage in a cool ventilated place, and is strictly prohibited fireworks, no inversion, no collision;

2, regular inspection, maintenance of fuel pipelines, to avoid leakage;

3, the kitchen fuel tank around to keep away from the ignition.