The methanol fuel stove is a fuel cooker with low energy consumption
- 2018-03-30-

In recent years, with the rapid development of the country, as well as the national "Energy saving and emission reduction" policy, the market of methanol fuel stoves has gradually been the public attention.

BecauseMethanol Fuel StoveThe market of kitchen energy-saving equipment brand emerging, the various column distance equipment company's research and development strength is uneven, the methanol fuel stove market is still in chaos, then the methanol fuel stove which brand is good? How should we choose?

The fuel used for the methanol fuel stove, is a national certification of an environmentally-friendly high-quality liquid fuel, its characteristics are: economic security, non-toxic smoke-free, efficient energy-saving, dust-free, no residue, clean and sanitary, at the same time not affected by the seasons and climate, torch burning commercial methanol fuel stoves is the alternative to the use of liquefied petroleum gas and

The characteristics of methanol fuel are: the use of methanol fuel stoves is very convenient installation. The fuel used by the methanol fuel cooker is clean and hygienic, protecting the environment. Environmental protection, energy saving, fierce firepower, non-toxic, smoke-free, in line with national environmental standards, calorific value than diesel slightly lower than liquefied gas, than the diesel province about 20%, than the liquefied gas 25%-30%, widely used in hotels, restaurants, institutions, troops, schools and catering industry, a new type of environmentally friendly fuels, hotels, restaurants, institutions, troops The school and catering industry is the only choice.

Compared with other cooker equipment, the methanol fuel stove basically saves money, the use of compact design concept and stable material, so that it used more security for the uncle, it used raw materials are from the life of a variety of materials for processing, is a cost-effective, easy-to-use kitchen supplies.

The combustion calorific value of methanol fuel stove is high, the heat conversion rate is high, it is a fuel cooker with low energy consumption.