What are the advantages of the use of environmental protection oil cooker
- 2018-04-11-

Although we use more types of fuel and more types of cookers, our common demand for fuel is to conserve energy and protect it.

  Environmental Protection Oil CookerFor people to bring great convenience, for this we have adopted a unique fuel, I hope we are very fond of environmental protection oil cooker.

Because of the popularization of environmental protection oil fuel, more and more industries began to use environmental oil as the main fuel to use, on the one hand, the use of environmentally friendly oil fuel to reduce the investment costs of enterprises, but also easy to meet the requirements of enterprises to create a good use effect.

On the other hand, for the society, the development of an emerging industry will inevitably lead to social employment and effectively alleviate the employment problem. But the advantages of environmental protection oil cooker is not only these, it burns clean environmental protection, environmental damage small, high calorific value, a good substitute for traditional coal and liquefied gas, widely used in hotels, canteens and so on.

Environmental oil cooker has the following advantages:

1, fast combustion gasification, easy to use, sophisticated production technology of the stove shell with a special oxygen-free copper furnace core, so that the ethanol-ethanol oil and other alcohol based fuel faster gasification;

2, fire stove firepower, flame stability, flame concentration can be a greater use of the calorific value of fuel, combustion.

Environmental protection oil cooker as a new type of cooker, along with its own advantages, on the listing will get a very good response, in recent years, the market for environmental protection oil cooker has been expanding, many canteens, hotels have abandoned the traditional pollution-type fuel cooker, switch to a new type of clean environmental protection oil cooker. But everyone in the choice of environmental protection oil cooker, also should be environmentally friendly oil cooker use precautions to do a full understanding, so for us is also very useful.