What is the fuel consumption per hour for an alcohol-based fuel stove?
- 2018-04-21-

Alcohol-based fuel stoves consume about 0.4KG per hour, not only in firepower, but also with high calorific value and high cooking efficiency. Alcohol-based fuel cooker is in the company's original home-based alcohol oil cooker, combined with customer feedback and demand, research and development departments through continuous research and several months of experimentation, so as to determine the promotion in the market, all products use stainless steel material, the original design more scientific and reasonable, more firepower, energy-saving effect is also more significant.

The promotion and application of the alcohol-based fuel stove has a good development prospect, mainly based on the alcohol oil cooker, the fuel source is wide, the price is low, the environment is clean, the energy-saving is strong, and the current energy shortage problem is deepening, with the new fuel is the development trend.

Alcohol-based fuel stoves with low fuel consumption, full combustion, high combustion efficiency, high heat transfer efficiency, fuel consumption of only 2~3kg/hours; no fans, high oxygen content, full combustion, no black smoke, no carbon, no bottom, no residue residue, burning exhaust gas emissions than liquefied petroleum gas 80% or more, is a veritable clean fuel. The furnace head is to be fully cleaned and inspected at regular intervals, such as after 10 times or two or three years. Torch-burning trade is a professional production of alcohol-based fuel stoves, fuel stoves, low soup stove, claypot, green oil cooker and other products of professional manufacturers, welcomed the need for customer calls detailed inquiry.