Reasons for the increasing popularity of methanol cookers
- 2018-05-30-

Methanol cookers are increasingly popular with shopping malls. Methanol fuel is a fuel that is configured with methanol as the main body. It exists in a liquid way. It is also a kind of biomass energy, and nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydraulic energy is the same, is the national government vigorously promote the clean power of environmental protection, faced with the depletion of petrochemical power, methanol fuel has the potential to replace the power of the new, deeply favored by enterprises in various countries.
Notes on consumption of methanol cooker:
1, users should be familiar with the performance of the stove before use;
2. When installing, pay attention to whether the air duct and pipeline are in reverse;

3, before use to check whether the pipeline is clogged;
4, when the oil must be in the right amount should not open, to avoid excessive oil caused unsafe hidden danger, if too large, the following fire quickly burst with water;
5, oil valve switch do not open the fierce shut, the valve is not easy to discharge, otherwise alcohol oil is not all gasification, the calorific value will not be very high, the flame will not be great;
6, after the use should check whether the valve closed to the position;
7, often check whether oil pipeline leakage, oil and other conditions, timely detection, timely treatment.