Methanol is the first component of the cooking fuel
- 2018-06-06-

Methanol stove fuel composition is methanol, the temperature of 64 degrees can be the liquid into the gaseous, methanol vapor if inhaled by the human body, there will be blindness, vision ambiguity. To space, there is a risk of blasting. Methanol is a simple evaporation flammable liquid with very low stability, the properties of methanol itself is not very stable. The chemical properties of the additive are the maximum limit to improve the stability of methanol.

Methanol cooker ultra-high cost-effective, clean, green and environmental protection, so many restaurants, hotels thrust. Because the main material for producing this kind of biomass alcohol-based fuel is alcohols. There are many domestic enterprises specializing in the production of alcohol-like substances, so the material is adequate, low prices, easy to promote. The company aims to let the whole society throughout the new, energy-saving, environmental protection of methanol oil stove, so that ordinary residents, high-level, ordinary restaurants are fully charged with the energy savings brought about by the calorific value of the experience, useful to reduce the cost of kitchen fire, so that the whole people benefit.
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