Precautions when using the fuel cooker
- 2018-07-31-

Precautions when using bio-alcohol oil cookers

Fuel cookers are widely used in our lives. Let's talk about the precautions when using fuel cookers:

1. The user should be familiar with the performance of the cooker before use.

2. Pay attention to whether the air supply pipe and the oil supply pipe are connected in reverse during installation.

3. Check if the oil pipeline is blocked before use.

4. When draining oil, be sure to avoid opening all the right amount to avoid unsafe hidden dangers caused by excessive oil volume. If it is too large, it will be quickly destroyed by water when it is under fire.

5, the oil valve switch must not be opened sharply, the oil drain valve is not easy to be too large, otherwise the alcohol oil is not fully vaporized, the heat value will not be very high, the flame will not be very large.

6. After use, check whether the valve closure is in place.

7. Always check the oil pipeline for oil leakage, oil seepage, etc., and find it in time and deal with it in time.

The above is where the fuel cooker needs attention when it is used, and it needs to be helpful to everyone.