Status of methanol fuel stove
- 2018-06-27-

With the continuous advancement of China's modernization process, environmental protection problems are more and more widely concerned by everyone, China's air pollution problem has been more and more widespread concern of the community.

The national government has also begun to vigorously promote the use of some new energy diversification strategy.

As a result, many research institutes in China are looking at a variety of clean energy sources that can protect the environment and constantly look for cheaper alternatives. For example, natural gas, ethanol, and methane.

Methanol fuel stove is a new type of kitchen supplies, his appearance can replace the use of liquefied petroleum gas, but also replace the traditional coal stove, greatly improve the atmosphere of the environment, and reduce pollution, in the use of safety index also improved a lot.

The methanol fuel stove is a product developed under the constant trend of environmental protection, which plays an important role in energy saving, emission reduction and air quality improvement.

The installation and use of methanol fuel stoves is very convenient, which also accelerates the rapid extension of this product.