Bio-alcohol oil stove | College entrance! Good luck, boy!
- 2018-06-07-

The college entrance examination is cheering, juvenile, good luck!   


1095 days, 156 weeks, 36 months, 3 years. Numerous large and small exams, densely calculated symbols on the manuscript paper, and yellow and yellow papers.

You were confused during class, and you were annoyed when doing homework. You used to write words in the classroom in the morning, and accompanied by a full-back paper bag with stars, 1095 days of hard work and hard work, only for the one after a few days. The exam, for this exam, we paid too much, maybe you are a little uneasy at the moment, but in this recent struggle, please firmly believe: we applaud for you!

If you don't come, you won't leave. Come on for the college entrance examination!

At the same time, I also want to say to all those who do not participate in the college entrance examination:


At this time, although we are secretly glad that we are not in it, but today we still have the responsibility to give them a fire! Use our "silent action" to cheer for them! Shout!

The years will not be retrograde, our high school has passed, here, let us for all the upcoming college entrance examinations:

Young, good luck to you!