Is the use of a methanol stove safe and reliable?
- 2018-08-15-

Now people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, and the kitchen facilities of many families are gradually improving. If methanol stoves are used in many homes, many users say that methanol stoves are convenient and convenient to use.

The methanol fuel used in the methanol stove is safe and reliable. There is no limitation in the use. The fuel is stored, transported and used at room temperature. It is not necessary to use high-pressure steel cylinders. It can be stored in normal iron or plastic barrels. It is very convenient to use. When it catches fire, it can be easily extinguished with water and will not cause it.

The use of methanol fuel in methanol stoves is very common, and it can completely replace diesel, natural gas and liquefied gas. This is very suitable for large enterprises and unit groups such as hotels, hotels, institutions, etc., except for the stove core and the common stove core, which is basically the same. The kitchen, the dining hall, the diesel fuel used or the gas stove can be applied only by changing the stove core, and the device is very convenient to use.

Methanol stove is suitable for all kinds of cookers, non-toxic, non-polluting, smokeless dust, no harmful gas after combustion, safe and economical, can be stored, transported and used under normal temperature and pressure.

Methanol stove users are more economical to use, more use and profit margins for visits, super cost-effective, clean and hygienic, green and environmentally friendly, so they are favored.