Methanol fuel stove use precautions
- 2018-07-24-

Due to the increasing problem of atmospheric problems in heavy industry, China has been highly valued by the state, and the government has vigorously promoted the strategy of energy diversification. Many boiler research institutes are supplying clean, inexpensive alternative fuels such as natural gas, methanol, and ethanol. This article focuses on the use of methanol fuel stoves and measures:

The main items of the methanol fuel stove:

  1. When using it, it is necessary to ensure fire safety. The kitchen employees are more mobile. Many of them have a lack of knowledge about fire safety. There is no fire-fighting concept. It doesn't matter. There is no effective fire-fighting system. It is easy to let the fire take place.

2. The methanol fuel stove is old and the equipment is improper. Some food and beverage establishments have after-sales training by some manufacturers when using methanol fuel stoves, but the training effect is not obvious. The chefs of the kitchen have not been specially trained, the operation technology is not standardized, and The lack of maintenance of the equipment can cause an explosion.

3. The equipment required for testing is lacking, and the fire extinguishing equipment is incomplete. Due to the lack of necessary flammable gas concentration detection and alarm equipment, or the detection equipment is damaged, it cannot play an early warning role, resulting in methanol volatilization and air mixing reaching the lower explosion limit. An explosion will occur.

4. There are many flammable materials and fire-fighting passages. Most indoor dining rooms are decorated with a large number of wood products and curtain fabrics. The increase of flammable and combustible materials leads to an increase in fire load. Tables and chairs, drinks, sofas and other items occupy the evacuation passages, and the hard-to-root passages are occupied and even blocked. In the event of a fire, it will become a killer that hinders the evacuation of people.