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Methanol fuel technology to share methanol fuel technology formula can use it
- 2017-11-01-

Now the market to do more than the methanol fuel industry, there are some fuel transfer formula, some buy stoves to send formula, this project we attract, credible? Learn methanol fuel recipe technology can use it? Some customers use those recipes or plugged stoves or corroded cooktops and ovens that rust, while others learn the recipes of other people knowing that recipes are ancient, original, and a few different recipes, but look good but Pungent spicy eyes out.

This fake fuel formula, can only be used in fan stove above, but for prolonged use, not regular methanol fuel cooker will appear the following conditions: flame instability, spicy eyes, pungent, inadequate combustion, plug the hearth, Corrosion of oil, this methanol fuel will affect our sales of cooking appliances. Torch Mercantile Methanol fuel technology is relatively new on the market, the fuel colorless, tasteless, non-corrosive, full combustion, leaving no residual night, there will be no spicy eyes, and pungent phenomenon will not even explode.

Methanol fuel technology has been perfected, it can be perfectly applied to the catering industry to replace the traditional use of liquefied gas; used in the boiler industry to replace high-pollution coal fuel; as the technology continues to evolve, the field of methanol fuel use will continue to expand, covering More energy applications.