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Methanol stove manufacturers Which is better?
- 2017-11-15-

Methanol stove with the traditional sense of our well-known upstairs stove is still very different, mainly due to methanol stove fuel is methanol fuel, methanol fuel post-maintenance and precautions also have a lot of advantages. The use of liquefied gas cost too much, liquefied petroleum gas can not guarantee the safety, let's take a look at the advantages of methanol stoves.

Methanol stove is based on industrial alcohol as the main raw material, according to a specific process, scientific design and reasonable modification of a high-clean new liquid fuel, instead of liquefied gas stove, kerosene stove, diesel stove, etc. for hotels, restaurants, schools , Corporate canteens kitchen fuel, so methanol stove is a very good product, and more environmentally friendly.

Methanol stove is very easy to install and use, the fuel used in methanol stove clean, protect the environment, environmental protection, energy saving, fierce fire, non-toxic, smoke-free in line with national environmental standards.

Methanol stove energy-saving effect is significant, saving 30% than other stoves can also get bright fire effect; fuel advanced into the preheating ball heating and then back to the incinerator was lit by the flame, the fuel itself has been hot to 70 degrees high temperature case of fire Can be rapidly burned and incinerated more urgently and abundantly so as to avoid the recurrence of spicy eyes or nose smell and there will be no occurrence of insufficient fuel burning and fuel utilization; the chef opens a small Control valve will be able to meet the high temperature and thus reach the intent of saving energy, the burner material is made of steel Seiko higher cost than cast iron gasifier.

It is the first choice to replace the use of liquefied gas and diesel fuel. It is energy-efficient, nontoxic, economical and safe, smoke-free, dust-free, leaving no raffinate, sanitation and cleanliness without seasons and climates.