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Green oil cooker to adapt to industry trends
- 2017-11-15-

With the development of society, environmental protection is an issue that people pay more and more attention to, and the burning used by the people is also gradually changing. From the original non-environmental protection to the present environmental protection energy, to the clean energy, the burning energy has more and more excellent quality The change.

Environmentally friendly cooking oil burning value than liquefied petroleum gas, diesel low, but the price advantage, can be used as a substitute for liquefied petroleum gas and diesel fuel, it is cheap, safe, convenient with residue-free liquid, non-black bottom, with clean Health, safety, cheap, easy to purchase raw materials, easy to use and so on.

Environmentally friendly oil cooker to solve the alcohol-based liquid fuel low calorific value, the fire does not go, low thermal efficiency, consumption, environmental protection, not economic problems. It not only fully meets the national standards of alcohol-based liquid fuels, but also greatly improves and improves calorific value, viscosity, flame temperature and the like.

Environmentally friendly oil cooker is a safe and environmentally friendly, energy saving, fuel. It can be used in a series of products such as hotel large stove, small and medium-sized restaurant fierce fire stove, household gas stove, fiery stove and so on, coupled with the use of alcohol coal gasifier, can adapt to the small restaurants of coal burning and widely used coal briquette family, Energy-saving effect, no fan, easy to use. Environmentally friendly oil cooker can not only replace liquefied petroleum gas for every household, but also can replace diesel for hotels, restaurants, food stalls, schools, factories and other enterprises canteens, environmentally friendly cooking oil can also be used for other industrial purposes, as part of Industrial kilns or boilers.