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Alcohol-based cooker has a very superior performance
- 2017-11-15-

Alcohol-based cooking stoves encountered fire at high temperatures, can quickly ignite alcohol-based fuel, which itself has a very superior performance, when it comes to alcohol-based stove burner together, its product calorific value is self-evident . Alcohol-based cooker in use, will not produce spicy eyes or pungent odor, there will be no fuel oil base oil combustion is not sufficient and so on.

Alcohol stove core energy saving effect is obvious, concentrated firepower and momentum is full, with other than 30% of the stove can also get a transparent effect of high quality Meng Meng new fuel burner.

Alcohol-based cooker in line with the trend of social development, with everyone's living standards improve, coal, fuel, gas prices continue to progress is an inevitable trend in society. According to statistics, more than 70% of users in large and medium-sized cities throughout the country are using liquefied gas. There are also more and more people in vast rural areas who are using bottled liquefied gas and power consumer markets with an endless customer base and prospects.

Alcohol-based fuel Cooker fuel from the fuel pipe advanced into the nozzle heating, when the temperature reaches 65 ℃, alcohol-based fuel began to change from liquid to gas, and then back to the combustion chamber was ignited. Blowers at the base of alcohol-based cooking appliances constantly blow air into the combustion chamber, feeding oxygen-enriched air into the combustion chamber so that the fuel is fully burned in the burner.

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