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Because of the advantages of methanol stove favored by consumers
- 2017-11-20-

Methanol stove in our life is very widely used, so much like consumers. Let us look at the performance characteristics of methanol stove, why so many customers like to use it?

1, structure: high-grade stainless steel furnace with noodles, seamless integration of the panel design;

2, energy-saving: Compared to the traditional gas, coal, diesel, energy-saving 40-75%;

3, security: multiple security settings, more secure and reliable performance, with overheating protection, prevent burning dry pot, safety more peace of mind;

4, work: 9 stalls fire regulation, convenient and simple, electromagnetic heating, firepower, fast;

5, environmental protection: in line with national environmental requirements, can meet the requirements of the government, while improving their own brand influence;

6, save time and effort: a dozen have fire, fire more prosperous, do not have to worry about ignition.

The advantages of methanol stove for everyone introduced finished, but it applies to what place? do you know?

1, catering: restaurants, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, food stalls, etc .;

2, food processing: Fried fried fried food use;

3, unit canteen: schools, factories, hospitals, hotels, hotels, factories and mines and so on.

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