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Bio-alcohol stoves a wide range of applications
- 2017-11-15-

According to modern kitchen stove professional R & D professionals pointed out that the torch burning commerce is based on domestic gas stoves and exhaust devices as the main components are not satisfied with grace, and the combination of other features integrated cooker.

Bio-alcohol oil cooker is widely used in today's society, and as the environmental protection process continues to accelerate, the market demand for bio-alcohol oil cooker has greatly increased, and the development prospect of the industry is very impressive. In addition, with the fuel, the corresponding bio-alcohol As early as oil has also gone up.

With the introduction of the composite oil fuel cooker industry standards, means that bio-alcohol fuel oil cooker industry development from disorder to order, industry self-regulation will be more obvious results, which will also play a good market regulation At the same time, it will also guide the transformation of bio-alcohol-oil fuel cookers to a low-carbon environment.

Torch burning commercial bio-oil furnace stove core energy-saving effect is obvious, concentrated firepower and momentum is full, is to save 30% than other stoves can also get a transparent high-quality firefighting effect of new fuel burner. High temperatures encountered in the flame can quickly ignite bio-alcohol oil fuel itself has a very superior performance, when combined with bio-alcohol stove burner together, its product calorific value is self-evident. And when the product is in use, it will not produce spicy eyes or pungent smell, and there will be no fuel oil base oil combustion is not sufficient and so on.

Bio-alcohol stove is a very energy-saving green kitchen stove equipment, in the modern kitchen equipment applications also have a very wide range of applications.