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Select methanol fuel stove partner to refer to what
- 2017-11-01-

Whether it is funded methanol fuel stoves or other projects funded, we need to first investigate the market, to see the market prospects are broad or near saturation, regardless of any product, if the market has saturate, then there is no profit to make, There is no need for investment.

If you say that the methanol fuel stove products are good, might as well to ask about the used people, in order to better understand the advantages and NVC, only their words are really able to learn the truth.

Methanol fuel stoves, we need to find some strong, standardized companies to cooperate, only these companies can guarantee our follow-up service, service is more credible. In fact, the relevant business license and tax registration certificate are required, the goods show, production workshop, factory, done physical, laboratory, factory oil, oil tanks and so on are essential.

Methanol fuel stove smoke-free, no residue, raffinate, not the bottom of the black pot. Methanol fuel cooker using the new copper glass valve, precise oil control, widely used in large and medium-sized restaurants, food stalls, hotels, guest houses and other users.

Methanol fuel stove is an extension of diesel and LPG energy-saving stoves. It has the original functions of energy-saving stoves for diesel and liquefied petroleum gas. It uses environmentally-friendly, clean and efficient alcohol-based oil (methanol) as a fuel, Alcohol-based fuel efficient furnace, the alcohol-based oil completely, fully burned, heat conversion efficiency, exhaust gas water and carbon dioxide.