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Methanol fuel stove energy efficient economic security
- 2017-11-01-

Torch burning business stand out in many new energy clean fuels, not without reason. In the new century, the environmental protection industry and environmental protection energy have gradually become the direction of social development. We will increase investment in clean energy and enhance the development foundation of the energy industry.

Torch burning commercial methanol fuel cookers kitchen appliances gradually rising in recent years, instead of the traditional concept of liquefied petroleum gas, won everyone's welcome. Before the way of liquefied gas emissions is not very comprehensive, one does not pay attention to the gas will be diffused in the air, and this advancing product for everyone to solve this problem has been widely in all sectors of society development of.

Methanol fuel stove features:

Methanol fuel stove has a very easy to install and use, alcohol stove with fuel clean, protect the environment. Environmental protection, energy saving, fierce fire, non-toxic, smoke-free, in line with national environmental standards, the calorific value is slightly lower than the diesel, higher than the liquefied gas than diesel about 20%, 25% to 30% lighter than liquefied gas is widely used in hotels , A new type of environmentally friendly fuel for hotels, government agencies, military units, schools and the catering industry. It is an alternative fuel for hotels, restaurants, offices, military units, schools and the restaurant industry. It is a nationally certified green premium liquid fuel.

Methanol fuel stove energy efficient, clean, economic security, not affected by the seasons and climate.