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Why alcohol-based fuel stoves are very popular with everyone
- 2017-11-24-

The current trend of energy consumption point of view, the promotion and use of alcohol-based fuel has been very extensive, and with the deepening of China's energy-saving environmental protection process, alcohol-based fuel will also be further developed, as the ideal use of equipment, alcohol Based on the stove, the promotion of its will also be inevitable.

Clean energy is the theme of future consumption, as the ideal overfuel alcohol-based fuel to a certain extent, also showed a greater charm. The related alcohol-based fuel stove equipment has also gone up. The reason alcohol-based fuel cookers are so popular is mainly due to the following:

1, from the production of alcohol-based fuel stoves and related stoves:

Alcohol-based fuel stove manufacturing: the use of advanced technology to create a new non-metallic heat-resistant refractory infrared emission board, is the use of a called "cordierite" as the foundation, add some other special environmental information Xiyou, according to strict and accurate formula, Strict process of manufacturing, after a special process of manufacturing multi-hole fire burning board, coupled with a layer of "catalyst", its role is to add combustion infrared radiation of radiation;

In addition to alcohol-based fuel has a higher mechanical strength, there are also accepted the function of rapid cooling, burning at 1200 degrees low temperature, will not be corroded and the onset of chalking, non-human factors in the destruction of the situation, the use of 10000 Hour will not be destroyed, according to the calculation of 2-3 hours a day, can be used 10-15 years, pouring cold shower irresolute split instantly, no deformation, the flame does not burn, good wind resistance;

2, from the energy-saving point of alcohol-based fuel stove equipment point of view: Alcohol-based fuel stove core energy-saving effect is more obvious, concentrated firepower and very full foot, with other than the stove to save 30% Furnace, high temperature encountered flame can quickly ignite the alcohol-based fuel itself has a very superior performance;

3. From the perspective of the environmental protection performance of alcohol-based fuel plants: alcohol-based fuel stoves change the traditional way of emission and change the waste emissions into those that convert harmful substances in waste into a soluble solid in the furnace. Any fuel combustion will produce sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, methanol, especially the initial alcohol, waste alcohol, methanol recovery contains many of the human body or environmentally harmful chemical raw materials, if the form of gas emissions to the human body, the environment is very favorable.

Alcohol-based fuel cookers Alcohol-based fuel cookers are more economical, safer, greener and more affordable than other cooktop appliances.