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Methanol fuel stove to regularly check to prevent fuel leaks
- 2017-11-29-

Methanol fuel stoves use low-cost, environmentally friendly clean, energy-saving cavity, and the current energy shortage is deepening, the intention of the fuel is the development trend.

Methanol fuel stove for 3-5 family use, convenient and fast, fuel consumption per hour 0.4KG or so, not only the fierce fire, but the calorific value, cooking efficiency. The product is based on the company's original household-type oil cooker, combined with customer feedback and needs, R & D department through continuous research and months of experiments, and ultimately determine the promotion in the market, all products using stainless steel , The principle of design is more scientific and rational, more firepower, energy-saving effect is more significant.

Methanol fuel stoves must be regularly checked to prevent fuel leaks. The liquid furnace can be used to visually check for any fuel leaks after pressurizing the furnace, especially at each interface. The gas furnace can be connected to the furnace tank sinking water to see if any bubbles emerge, if there is a leak, they have to stop using the furnace and immediately repaired. Often use the needle to clean the burner of the nozzle, making it the best Changbai, especially in liquid furnace easier accumulation of residual stains, the need for more frequent cleaning. The use of external furnace feet, can improve the stability of the stove, but also save the time to find the stove on a flat ground.

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