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Alcohol-based cooking stove is the first choice of cooking stove owners
- 2017-12-05-

Alcohol-based fuel stove is the first choice of cooking stove owners, are widely used in small and medium restaurants, food stalls, fast food shops, street vendors single fried stove.

Alcohol-based fuel stoves with less special materials, per hour ≤ 2.5KG, fierce fire, the fire is far higher than the advantages of liquefied gas Meng stove, alcohol-based fuel clean, protect the environment, the fuel oxygen content, full combustion, Non-smoky, carbon-free, non-black pot bottom, no residue residue, the exhaust emissions after burning more than 80% lower than the liquefied petroleum gas, is a veritable clean fuel.

Alcohol-based fuel cookers have a new, high-quality fuel burner with a 30% savings over their burners, as well as a transparent, blazing fire effect. High temperature encountered in the fire can quickly ignite the alcohol-based fuel itself has a very superior performance, when combined with alcohol-based fuel burner when the heat of combustion of its products is self-evident. And when the product is in use, it will not produce spicy eyes or pungent smell, and there will be no fuel oil base oil combustion is not sufficient and so on.

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