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Methanol fuel stove in terms of performance What are the advantages?
- 2017-12-08-

Now the country advocates green, energy-saving energy, it is vigorously promote the use of. More able to reflect the social development of methanol fuel stove to become a popular device products. Here we will talk about its significant advantages.

It is understood that the methanol fuel stove has been a number of hotels, restaurants began to use it to use the fuel is a new energy-saving high-energy fuel-saving energy saving, and said the remarkable advantages of equipment may wish to from the equipment structure and the actual performance of both To consider.

In the structure of methanol fuel stoves: Adopt the theory of aerodynamics in structural design, make the flame of combustion form pillar of fire, do not spread outwards, guarantee the heat energy that methanol fuel burns is fully absorbed by the pot, can satisfy family, hotel, hotel respectively , Canteens, stalls, snack stalls of different grades of demand.

In terms of performance, the advantages of methanol fuel stoves mainly in the following areas:

1, energy-saving: Methanol stove is burned after the gasification, fierce fire, less fuel consumption, methanol stove than other gas stoves cost savings of 30%.

2, the use of convenience: It sets the storage tank and the furnace in one, do not need an external storage tank and receive.

3, Safety: During the combustion process, the fuel is actively vaporized and gas and air pressure are generated. When the furnace is turned off, the temperature of the furnace body decreases and the starting body in the furnace body slowly turns back to liquid.

4, environmental protection: Methanol oil stove fuel used is methanol oil, is a clean fuel, is a renewable energy, followed by the extensive use of methanol oil, to save energy and reduce environmental pollution, will play an active effect, but also Add new colors for your days.

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