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Kitchen fuel cooker to change the traditional way of exhaust emissions more economical and environmental protection
- 2017-12-14-

Large amounts of water vapor are formed in the hearth of the kitchen fuel cooker . The resulting soluble solids are dissolved in the water vapor and absorbed by the dry environment of the hearth. This is when the hearth is white with little white matter and the white matter disappears early the next morning. Water drops on the inner wall. Change the traditional way of emissions, the exhaust emissions were changed to the harmful components of exhaust gas into a soluble solid emissions in the furnace. Any fuel combustion will produce sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, methanol, especially the initial alcohol, waste alcohol, methanol recovery contains many of the human body or environmentally harmful chemical raw materials, if the form of gas emissions to the human body, the environment is very unfavorable.

Kitchen fuel cooker save money, safety, environmental protection, more favorable prices and other characteristics of the above can be well reflected, and the kitchen fuel stove head combustion calorific value, high heat conversion efficiency, is a lower energy consumption fuel appliances, Can replace diesel, liquefied petroleum gas-based burner is a restaurant, restaurants, restaurants, canteens and other business is better, but also the ideal furnace!

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