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Methanol fuel technology manufacturers to share the use of alcohol-based cooker
- 2017-12-22-

With the continuous development of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the protection of the environment. Renewable energy is one of the most important issues to be considered.

Methanol fuel technology is now a new study of technology, let's take a brief look.

Methanol fuel stove use method:

1, first of all to confirm the use of fuel in the direct supply state, in the confirmation of all the valves on the stove are in the closed state, all joints, pipes, valves no leakage;

2, the use of alcohol oil, first open the fan to open the air valve to remove residual material in the furnace core, the damper is closed, slightly open the oil valve into the oil bowl a little oil, close the valve, light diesel, slightly open the valve , And so on after heating the oil bowl to open the valve to increase air flow, until transferred to the vitality they need to stop using the first to close the valve, and so on the heating oil bowl after the open side of the valve to increase air flow. Until transferred to the firepower they need. Stop using, first close the valve, and other residual oil exhausted, close the damper, stop the fan.

The fuel used in methanol fuel technology is mainly crude methanol. Methanol fuel is a hot spot for the development of fuel for people today. The promotion of such technology has drawn great attention from relevant state ministries and commissions. At present, China's methanol fuel is mainly used for cooking stoves. However, there are many problems in the development of methanol fuel stoves in China at present. For example, the fuel formula is complex and there is no uniform standard to implement. A large amount of water and some harmful substances are mixed in the fuel.