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Bio-alcohol technology so much the benefits of it?
- 2017-12-26-

Bio-alcohol technology uses a new type of alcohol-based fuel, diesel, petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas stove extension of the product, it has the original features of oil, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas stove, using environmentally friendly, clean and efficient environmental protection Fuel oil as a fuel, with a dedicated bio-oil technology efficient energy-saving furnace core, the bio-alcohol oil completely and fully combustion, heat conversion efficiency, exhaust gas water and carbon dioxide.

Bio-alcohol oil cooker smoke-free, no residue, raffinate, non-black pot bottom, and bio-alcohol oil cooker with a new copper glass valve, precise oil control is widely used in the family, Dazhong restaurants, food stalls, Hotels, guest houses and other users.

The advantages of using bio-alcohol oil technology Introduction:

1, a wide range of raw materials, low cost, configuration of fuel raw materials Methanol throughout chemical plants, chemical fertilizer plants and chemical markets have sales, procurement and processing can be the nearest, on-site sales;

2, clean and hygienic, green, high oxygen content of the fuel, full combustion, no smoke, no carbon deposition, no black bottom, no residual liquid residue, combustion of exhaust emissions lower than 80% of liquefied petroleum gas is more than Veritable clean environmentally friendly fuel;

3, safe, reliable, wide range of applications. The bio-alcohol oil fuel is stored, transported and used under normal temperature and pressure without the need of high-pressure cylinders sealed by ordinary iron drums or plastic buckets. It is easy to use and can be extinguished by water in case of fire. It will not cause the danger of explosion , Will not lead to poisoning incidents due to leakage. Wide range of environmentally friendly fuel oil, can replace diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, suitable for hotels, guesthouses, schools, agencies and other large enterprises and unit groups widely used, and its environmentally friendly fuel oil cooker addition to the stove core and ordinary stove core different, Other basically the same, the kitchen, canteen diesel stoves or gas stoves simply replace the stove can be used, the installation is very easy to use;

4, Maintenance: Bio-alcohol oil quality assurance stoves, such as debris removal can be convenient and practical.

The promotion and application of bio-alcohol oil technology has good prospects for development, mainly due to the wide range of fuel sources, low prices, environmental protection and clean, energy-saving and strong.