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How to calculate the technology and profit of the bio-ethanol oil stove?
- 2018-01-05-

  Bio-alcohol Oil stoveHow do you calculate costs and profits? This is every one of you want to get rich entrepreneurs more concerned about the problem, I can only say that only after the field visit to know is true.

At present, for this kind of energy new products, there are many people holding a wait-and-see attitude also many people choose to do the first crab eating people, as to the resulting structure, only the parties Lengnuanzizhi.

The use of bio-ethanol oil stoves to popularize, requires a long process of acceptance. An emerging environment-friendly energy source, with its decisive advantage of the rapid occupation of television and network, into the eyes of everyone, this industry with a broad market traction to attract a large number of small entrepreneurs want to invest in entrepreneurship, for just know the beginning of this industry, I give a few suggestions:

1, no matter what the investment projects, the first inspection of the market, to see whether the market is broad prospects or close to saturation, no matter is any product, if you put the market is close to saturation, then we have any profits to make it, then there is no need to go to this sewage;

2, inspection entities, said the product is good, listen to other people say that we own personal inspection, only used people, can understand the advantages and disadvantages, only their words is really can learn from;

3, inspection companies, since the decision to do this project, we have to find those strong, formal company cooperation, only these companies may protect our follow-up services, after-sales service can be more credible.

For the company, at least to be formal, the relevant business license and tax registration certificate what is necessary, second, as a fuel-related departments issued a quality inspection report what is necessary, in addition, since it is the leader in this industry, product display, factory, production workshop, has done the entity, oil room, inspection room, The production of oil in the field, oil tanks and anything is essential. Control the above points, you can personally to investigate, since want to start a business, our goal is to make money, in order to be successful later, the field visit is necessary.

As a new resource, the bio-ethanol oil stove is indeed a good project. As long as you have confidence, determination, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired, learn the real technology, it is sure to help you succeed.