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A simple comparison between the bio-ethanol oil used in the alcohol base cooker and the traditional fuel
- 2018-01-11-

In this era of scarce resources, we are trying to find a substitute for traditional fuels, clean and environmentally friendly new energy, our production of the heart of environmentally friendly fuel, can effectively replace the traditional fuel, we will look at the followingAlcohol Base CookerWhat is the difference between the fuel used and the traditional fuel?

What are the advantages of bio-ethanol oil compared to traditional fuels? Traditional fuels such as oil, coal and liquefied petroleum gas although the calorific value of these fuels is high, but they are non-renewable fuel, because they are non-renewable fuel, so sooner or later will be used up, not used up, there is the exhaust of the environmental pollution caused by smog serious phenomenon.

The bio-ethanol oil from the torch-fueled business is a renewable energy the raw material of bio-alcohol oil is extracted from living waste and biological rubbish, and the clean and environmental-friendly fuel does not produce peculiar smell, no black smoke, and responds to the national policy of environmental protection, which makes great contribution to environmental protection, and the bio-alcohol oil is not only environmental protection, but also can meet the such as hotels, hotels, schools and other hotels can be applied to bio-alcohol oil.

Online from the above several reasons, it is not difficult to see the torch-fuel commercial bio-ethanol oil is a completely alternative to traditional fuels clean environmental protection of new energy.