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The high efficiency and low pollution of alcohol based fuel stoves is very popular.
- 2018-01-19-

Alcohol based fuel stoves with high energy efficiency and low pollution characteristics, along with the progress of everyone's day, coal, fuel, gas, the price of continuous progress is the trend of society to carry out.

According to the materials, more than 70% of the national large and medium-sized users in the use of liquefied petroleum gas, vast rural users have more and more people in the use of bottled liquefied gas, power consumption market has an unlimited customer base and development prospects. The global shortage of power capital, resulting in fuel, gas and other industrial and civilian fuel prices soaring, directly affecting industrial and agricultural production and the ordinary days of everyone.

To carry out the new impetus and to diversify the power distribution has become the inevitable direction of China's power development, and it is the general trend to develop and apply it. This shows that, on the one hand, with the development of society, fuel as a burning oil will be eliminated, on the other hand, with the global dynamic situation increasingly serious, gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other fuel prices will be high, so the development of cheap, clean new fuel, instead of traditional burning fuel, improve power layout has become the momentum of the inevitable trend of development! As alcohol based fuel, the carrier of the new fuel, alcohol-based fuel stoves are also bound to be more and more users love.

Alcohol based fuel stoves are very popular because they are characterized by high energy efficiency and low pollution.