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The fuel source of environmental protection oil cooker based on alcohol oil cooker is widely
- 2018-01-17-

Environmental protection oil cooker is mainly based on alcohol oil cooker of a wide range of sources of fuel, low prices, environmental protection, clean, energy-saving, and the current energy shortage is deepening, with new fuel is the trend of development.

Environmental protection oil cooker suitable for 3-5 people home use, convenient and quick, Fuel consumption of 0.4KG per hour, not only fierce firepower, and high calorific value, cooking efficiency, the product is the company's original home-type alcohol oil cooker based on the combination of customer feedback and demand, research and development departments through continuous research and a few months of experiments, after the determination can be promoted in the market, all products using stainless steel materials, the principle of more scientific and reasonable design, firepower more Fierce, energy-saving effect is also more significant.

The material used in environmental protection oil cooker is to use methanol as the basic material of incineration, it is a new energy saving data of energy saving and environmental protection and high heat. In the environmental protection oil stove structure uses the aero-fluid mechanics theory, causes the burning flame to form the pillar, does not spread outward, guaranteed the fuel burning heat energy to be fully absorbed, can satisfy the family, the guesthouse, the hotel, the canteen, the big gear, the snack stall and so on different grades the demand.