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The bio-alcohol oil stove developed by torch and trade has been successfully published
- 2018-01-30-

The development of the bio-ethanol oil stove is not afraid to enter the kitchen.

Torch Burning Business Research center of the booth surrounded by people, the reporter is curious, also gathered up, originally everyone in the discussion is opposite the bio-ethanol oil stove.

"Isn't this a household gas stove?" It doesn't look any different from the ordinary. "Yes, I can't see any difference." "The crowd 歘 out such a sound, the reporter also found that the exhibition of bio-ethanol oil stoves from the appearance and ordinary no difference, then its special place is where?"

Seeing everyone's doubts, the staff explained:"The focus of the product is not the appearance, but the internal fuel." This is our newly developed bio-ethanol oil stove, can completely replace the kitchen diesel and liquefied gas, with clean, environmental protection, low cost characteristics, if you use such a cooker, both worry and rest assured.

Booth owner told reporters that bio-alcohol oil cooker is our continuous innovation, research and production, the center developed methanol cooker fuel belongs to the gasification of liquid combustion device energy, through the pilot promotion of use, technical performance and safety indicators meet the requirements of civilian fuel, can be applied to hotels, schools, institutions and other enterprises and units. Because of its environmental protection, low pollution characteristics, the industry is known as"Green Kitchen".