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Methanol cooker manufacturers on the role of methanol fuel emulsifier
- 2018-02-09-

Methanol cookerThe fuel emulsifier used is a kind of high strength oxidant developed on the basis of the alcohol based fuel heat stabilizer, which has the function of one time combustion multistage reaction and heat doubling, can obviously increase furnace temperature, improve the odor caused by inferior methanol combustion, greatly increase the calorific value and measurement of fuel, Thus solves the technical problem which the industrial burning machine uses the home fuel oil!

Methanol cooker used in the fuel emulsifier soluble in water, alcohol liquid, stable nature, non-corrosive, non-flammable, suitable for long-distance transportation, storage, for the large-scale use of methanol fuel to provide a favorable condition!

(1) Methanol fuel emulsifier adopts unique chemical property, which can improve the stability of methanol greatly.

(2) Strong combustion-supporting agent, not only can play a very strong combustion-supporting, so that the methanol fuel in the full combustion of combustible, or dream, high flame, fire bed long, to improve the thermal efficiency of combustion furnace, super strong combustion energy-saving purposes;

(3) To change the traditional emissions of the fuel, the waste of harmful ingredients into a soluble solid discharged in the furnace.

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